Látogatók írták

Dear Andris,

“Among the garbage and the flowers” is a line from Leonard Cohen’s Susan which I think emphasize the time we spent with you in Budapest. You took us to see a neighborhood in Budapest which I don’t think many tourists encounter with and off course the most exciting part of it was the shul that you and your brother maintain and renovate.
For me it was like a tour back in time into the 19th century.
I wanted to thank you for all the wide knowledge of yours that you share with us and for all your patience to our questions during the whole day.

Shana Tova Andris and I hope there won’t be even a single seat left in your shul during the Rosh Hashana and Yom Hakipurim prayers.

Shana Tova,
Ron, Erez and Zehavit (Anat’s Friends)

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